You gotta get with my friends

Unfortunately, the way this worked out, April was more of a “get with friends” month than March. But we’ll just go with it.

March I read a lot in March. Well, I planned to read a lot in March. I must have hit a lull in my schoolwork because the number of books I thought I could read was at an all time high, matched only by the number of books I actually do read during Winter break between classes. I power through those things like a 10 minute trainer workout. (I’m doing the 10 minute trainer right now and I am sore and loving it, so sorry about that reference).

That was a great segue into the fact that I started training for a 5K in March. Actually, I started training to cut my time on a 5K in March without actually signing up for one. I did run one in September, and did cut my time, but not as much as I thought I could. Sorry, I’ll stop getting distracted. But really, despite the title of this post, March was largely a solo month for me. I spent Spring break alone (somewhat voluntarily). St. Patrick’s day party was great though. But aside from that, I read a lot, and I ran a lot, and it was great.

I think I have always enjoyed being alone because I am an only child. And the thing is, I was really happy in March. I was doing things for myself that made me feel good. I will admit that this did not last into April and that’s really a shame. But all things have an ebb and a flow to them, and so I know that not everything is going to be great all the time, but great things are usually hiding right under the surface waiting to be uncovered.


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