The Pioneer Women

This is Ree Drummond: xntxuats

This is me: aaeaaqaaaaaaaabvaaaajddkyzu0mda2ltm0mzytndjhyy1hmzjllwrjzdbhy2qzzgvkza

Things me and Ree have in common: We are pioneer women

Things me and Ree do not have in common: Basically everything, including how we define pioneer. I hope she doesn’t mind me butchering her persona to compare myself to her because this is meant to be an honor and a compliment. Also, I apologize if you thought this post was going to be about food. You should probably leave now to save yourself from further disappointment if that is the case.

Ree’s tagline is that she is “plowing through life in the country… one calf nut at a time.” I have yet to create a tagline for myself, but I like to think I’ll be metaphorically plowing through life blazing this path to my PhD and beyond. I am also not sure how I feel about calf nuts, but if kicking ass and taking names counts then count me in!

Why am I writing this post you may ask yourself. This is a total just for fun post! I was walking back from class today and I was thinking “you know I’m not really in the mood to work today but if I do my work I can be a freaking trail blazer! I can be a gosh darn pioneer woman!” And here we are.

I want to be a person that other people can look up to. I want to be a person that other people brag about (but I never want to actually know that they’re bragging about me because that makes me uncomfortable). I want to be somebody who grabs life by the horns and see where that gets me. So today, and every day forward, I am a pioneer woman. But Ree Drummond is ThePioneerWoman.

PS- Ree is awesome and you should totally check out her blog instead of reading mine.


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