Book Review: I’m Thinking of Ending Things

Rating: 4 1/2 stars Mood: Excited, haunted Would Recommend?: Yes Wine Pairing: Full-bodied red, such as Alamos Malbec

An egg yolk among egg whites

I am a black woman who went to a mostly white grade school from K4 - 8th grade. There was one other black kid in my kindergarten class. I was about 21 years old before I saw another black woman my age working her ass off like I was. I am black, but I grew up in a completely white world.

Chugging Along

Hello, I hope your evening is going well. If you will give me a moment, I would like to briefly discuss stress management. Lately my heart just hasn’t really been into anything. I haven’t really wanted to get up in the morning, even if it was a day that I didn’t have to go to … Continue reading Chugging Along