Up, Up, and Away

There is barely an American today who does not hear Challenger and think “space shuttle.” However, I bet there are a lot, if not most, that do not think, “that’s the one made Sally Ride the youngest American and the first American woman to enter space in 1983.” After the tragic explosion in 1986, which … Continue reading Up, Up, and Away

Radium, Curium

Brief Biography Born Maria Sklowska in Warsaw, Poland 1867, Marie Curie is perhaps best known for her work with radioactive elements. She married Pierre Curie and adopted the French version of her name in 1895 and together they accomplished many scientific advancements. However, after Pierre’s tragic death, Marie Curie continued her work. In 1903 she was … Continue reading Radium, Curium

Wanda Austin

Welcome back to my Black History Month series. First things first, I will admit that I found Dr. Wanda Austin via a Google search of influential/successful black women. I will also admit that one of the selling points for including her is that she is a fellow Pitt grad. Dr. Wanda M. Austin has been … Continue reading Wanda Austin