Weekend Warrior: Quick Fixes

Wouldn’t it be great if we could do something for only a couple of hours and it would work out? I find myself thinking this more so on the weekends than during the week because I want to get so much done and I have so little time. I have been working out with PiYoContinue reading “Weekend Warrior: Quick Fixes”

Weekend Warrior: Cleaning Machine

Full disclosure: I’m still figuring this bit out myself. Growing up I never had official chores, you just cleaned what was dirty and something was always dirty. Now that I’m an adult, I need to figure out what that’s means for me… and honestly it looks like it means I clean when things are dirty.Continue reading “Weekend Warrior: Cleaning Machine”

Weekend Warrior: Workouts and Weight Loss

It’s so hard when you look in the mirror and love what you see. It’s so hard when you smile through a workout, and get your sweat on. It’s so hard when you want five donuts, and you substitute with something else. It’s so hard when you have to modify your workouts because of a sprained foot. It’s so hard… But you have to do it anyway.