Newsy Tuesday: December 4

I was watching the news last night and I actually thought to myself, “wow this is boring.” And then, I just sat there and celebrated the fact that I wasn’t listening to tales of fire and murder and natural disasters. I could actually sit there and listen to just everyday things. So, I shouldn’t beContinue reading “Newsy Tuesday: December 4”

Newsy Tuesday: Edition 3

nfortunately, this week is loaded with a bunch of negative news. There has been a lot of tragedy in the news these past couple of weeks, and unfortunately I set out to report stories that you may have missed, and that includes good and bad. However, since things are rather on the negative side, I have chosen to forgo the subheadings this week and just jump right in.

Fear of the Unknown

I know there are those who doubt that racism is still such a big problem, but if you ask me, it’s only middle-aged people who think that, those who think the world has automatically become better simply because they’re old enough to shape it now, but without any of them having made the slightest contributionContinue reading “Fear of the Unknown”

All the Things of Last Week

I am really at a loss for what to discuss this week so here’s my smorgasbord of topics, thoughts, feelings, opinions, ideas, etc. I thought I would discuss the LaRoche situation, but then I read through the comments on Twitter and got so angry at the ignorance of some people and decided I wouldn’t. ThenContinue reading “All the Things of Last Week”