Motivation Monday: Happier 2019

Moral: Do more of what makes you happy by figuring out what makes you happy and what makes you unhappy. Turn your side b*tch into your main b*tch if you need to. Smile often, and comment on this post with a 2019 goal for being happier!

Habit Building as a Resolution

I am an academic through and through. Thus, when I decide to do something new I devour the (usually free) information that I can find. In the current case, it was how to build new habits. You may have heard the saying that it takes 21 days to build a habit, and I am here…

New Year New Yo- no that’s BS

Day 15 of the new year, how often have you heard “new year, new you”? Now divide those into two categories: “Yeah! I can totally do this! New me for 2016!” or “What a load of crap, I’m still the same me I was last year.”