Companions and Confidantes

I recently returned from a mentally exhausting workshop where I met many people who have made an impact on me. I heard many amazing things which will feature in upcoming posts, but I wanted to start with kindred spirits. I wanted to start here because the past couple of weeks have been really difficult forContinue reading “Companions and Confidantes”

You 2.0 Reflection (50% Done with Book)

“You’re more likely to feel passionate about something after you get good at it.” Okay, so why has nobody said this before? So true! Oh my gosh, okay, let me rewind a bit for you. For personal development, I am currently reading You 2.0: Stop Feeling Stuck, Reinvent Yourself, and Become a Brand New YouContinue reading “You 2.0 Reflection (50% Done with Book)”

Reflections, Focus, Service

As a scientist, I love looking back at the views and likes on my posts and seeing which ones were viewed and which weren’t. I love seeing what posts get viewed from search engine results versus which are most viewed from the link on my Facebook page. And I love showing up more often andContinue reading “Reflections, Focus, Service”