Fueled by Coffee

Coffee is a drink of love. Coffee gets me moving and keeps me moving. With coffee in hand I feel invincible! I wish I was better able to convey the superhero image that flew around my head while I was typing those thoughts. Ironically, as I sit typing this post I’m sipping on pomegranate green tea! In addition to professing my love for caffeinated beverages, this post also professes to the Motivation Monday trend we’ve all hopped on.

What builds you up? What breaks you down?

I think it’s important for us to reflect upon what aspects of our lives build us up as much as those that break us down. Chances are you’re either an optimist most of the time or a pessimist most of the time. If you’re an optimist it’s probably really easy for you to focus onContinue reading “What builds you up? What breaks you down?”