New Year: Same Me

Looking back, I have rung in the new year on the blog in several ways and this year is no exception. The title here gives everything away: it’s a new year, but I’m the same person. I haven’t made a single resolution this year (although I have set a few goals, more on that later).Continue reading “New Year: Same Me”

Vegan Week For Overall Health

My least favorite part of the holidays is not being able to control what I eat. Thankfully, my parents have gotten a lot better about the health value behind the things they’re eating. Unfortunately, it still isn’t my normal diet, and I cannot plan ahead for everything, like how dry the weather is going toContinue reading “Vegan Week For Overall Health”

My one year fitaversary!

Today’s post is hosted on YouTube! I decided to say it instead of write it this week! Watch here! I am so excited that I have come this far, I am excited for all of the steps that I will continue to take!! YOU are welcome to be part of my journey. Listen to myContinue reading “My one year fitaversary!”