Finished Object Friday!

I recently finished these gorgeous mug cozies and sent them straight to my Etsy shop! Thanks to some wonderful family and friemily they’re already almost sold out! I’ve noticed that lately I have been on a huge braid kick, and this was no exception. The only downside is that because these are knit in aContinue reading “Finished Object Friday!”

WIP Wednesday: Ravenclaw Scarf Update

Yarn: Valley Yarns, Valley Superwash, Steel Gray & Classic Navy Pattern: Made using images found on Google Images with StitchFiddle Progress: 50% of lightning bolt number one Quick Notes: Double knitting, scarf, men’s scarf, Harry Potter themed, next time use thinner yarn First, this has taken me so much longer than I anticipated. I ranContinue reading “WIP Wednesday: Ravenclaw Scarf Update”

Chaos Reigned

This will be a short post today. I have a lot of new subscribers and I am so thankful that you are now following my blog. Yesterday, I was looking through literary quotes, including a lot of Harry Potter quotes. The one that struck me most was “chaos reigned” from Harry Potter and the DeathlyContinue reading “Chaos Reigned”