No Dream Too Big

Nike chooses Kaepernick as spokesperson for new ad campaign, and I am 100% here for it.

WIP Wednesday: Love Languages

WIP: Learning our love languages to better serve one another Since I’m on my honeymoon this week, I thought it would be fun to investigate our love languages! I actually do not know my love language(s) so this is a completely new experience for me. Don’t get me wrong, I have an amazing husband andContinue reading “WIP Wednesday: Love Languages”

John Mercer Langston

Langston is best known for all of his “firsts” as an African American man in America. So often we either forget who was behind the greatness we see, or we think that because someone was already the first, we can’t strive to be the next. I did not know Langston, but I would like to think he never thought in terms of “I am going to be the first black man to…” I like to think he just thought about being his best and from that was able to do so many things we can now remember and honor him for.

Wanda Austin

Welcome back to my Black History Month series. First things first, I will admit that I found Dr. Wanda Austin via a Google search of influential/successful black women. I will also admit that one of the selling points for including her is that she is a fellow Pitt grad. Dr. Wanda M. Austin has beenContinue reading “Wanda Austin”

We Were All Meant to Shine, as Children Do

I must say, as weird as it is to think about my friends as parents, I am so thankful that at any point of any day I can log in to Facebook and see some post about something wonderful their baby or toddler has done that makes us all smile. Yesterday this was as simpleContinue reading “We Were All Meant to Shine, as Children Do”

I Believe in the Underdog… and the Alpha Male

Have you ever felt like somebody is always outshining you? Is there that one person in your life who you have a constant competition with whether they know it or not? Or, does it feel like everybody around you is outshining you? Are you the slowest runner on your soccer team for example? Has anybodyContinue reading “I Believe in the Underdog… and the Alpha Male”