Tip Tuesday: Gratitude and Fulfillment

I recently finished reading “How to be a Bawse” by Lilly Singh (which was ah-making, seriously check it out if you haven’t already!). I listened to the Audiobook on Audible, which was read by ||Superwoman|| herself! I don’t care if you are absolutely in love with her YouTube channel or if you have never heardContinue reading “Tip Tuesday: Gratitude and Fulfillment”

No Dream Too Big

Nike chooses Kaepernick as spokesperson for new ad campaign, and I am 100% here for it.

Remember Me

I have been reading a lot of non-fiction lately, like memoirs rather than my usual educational stuff. And let me tell you, I am loving it. I wish I could talk about myself the way these women (and yes, they are all women of late) talk about themselves. Currently I am reading through Year of YesContinue reading “Remember Me”

A Call for Rebuilding Ourselves

This post will serve mainly as a book review, with some thoughts and feelings I have that I think are universal. Title: REACH- 40 Black Men Speaking on Living, Leading, and Succeeding Edited by: Ben Jealous and Trabian Shorters Let me start by saying there were moments while I was reading this book that inContinue reading “A Call for Rebuilding Ourselves”

Encouraging Our Youth

How soon do we start encouraging people to reach their full potential? When I look back at my life, I can’t remember a time when my mother didn’t tell me I could be doing better even though what I was doing was already great. I know this isn’t the case for everybody and with new opportunitiesContinue reading “Encouraging Our Youth”