WIP Wednesday: Bullet Journal September

I thought I was excited about my bullet journal last month, but now I know what excited feels like! I changed up some things this month including my gratitude log, extended my habit tracker, and brought the weekly plan back into play. Cover Page I have my month at a glance, with important dates highlighted.Continue reading “WIP Wednesday: Bullet Journal September”

Bullet Journal Updates *WIP Wednesday*

One of the most frequent tips you will see if you search the web for “how to bullet journal” or something similar is that you should evaluate, and re-evaluate, and adjust. I must admit, although I’ve been bullet journaling for over a year (May 2017, according to my first journal), I haven’t been great at the adjusting part. I evaluate often, but honestly, I just search the internet for cool fun ideas and use them. Well, I think I have finally learned to learn what works for me. July is the first month in the past year-ish that I logged in my bullet journal almost every single day, on every single tracker.

Organize your 2018 with a Bullet Journal

If you follow me on Instagram and/or Pinterest you may already know that I have kicked up my bullet journal notes in the past couple of days. The reason for this is simple: when I started bullet journaling I had no idea what I was doing, except that I was replacing my planner. I wasContinue reading “Organize your 2018 with a Bullet Journal”