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Tip Tuesday: Gratitude and Fulfillment

I recently finished reading “How to be a Bawse” by Lilly Singh (which was ah-making, seriously check it out if you haven’t already!). I listened to the Audiobook on Audible, which was read by ||Superwoman|| herself! I don’t care if you are absolutely in love with her YouTube channel or if you have never heard … Continue reading Tip Tuesday: Gratitude and Fulfillment


WIP Wednesday: Preptober NaNoWriMo

What is Preptober? Preptober is October filled with preparation for NaNoWriMo. What is NaNoWriMo? National Novel Writing Month. Every November a bunch of motivated crazy people decide to write a 50,000 word novel in just one month. Crazy, right!? Well, I’m committing for my second year in a row. Last year, I was a proud … Continue reading WIP Wednesday: Preptober NaNoWriMo

Newsy Tuesday: October 9, 2018

Better late than never right? That’s how I feel about your voter registration. Midterm elections are coming up and today is THE LAST DAY to register in many states. Are you registered? Have you requested your absentee ballot if you need it? Stand up for your beliefs and your politicians this November! If you need … Continue reading Newsy Tuesday: October 9, 2018

Motivation Monday: Burnout at Work

I got the idea for this post after listening to the Bad on Paper Podcast, and I happened to stumble upon a related BBC article regarding time management/how much is on your plate. I thought it would be a fun new take on how to keep going even when it seems like there is no … Continue reading Motivation Monday: Burnout at Work

Self Care Sunday: Fill Your Cup

I am going to tell you something, and it may come as a surprise to you. You cannot help others, in fact you are useless to others, if you do not feel fulfilled. It tends to be difficult for us to take time for ourselves, especially if we're the type of people who live to … Continue reading Self Care Sunday: Fill Your Cup