I’ll spread my wings and learn how to fly

Merry Christmas all who are celebrating today! And a Happy Hannukah to all celebrating this week! Unfortuantely, this is a countdown to New Year’s and since Christmas is exactly one week from New Year’s Day, today we will be focusing on June. It’s also quite unfortuante because I had a Christmas in July party this year.Continue reading “I’ll spread my wings and learn how to fly”

You gotta get with my friends

Unfortunately, the way this worked out, April was more of a “get with friends” month than March. But we’ll just go with it. March I read a lot in March. Well, I planned to read a lot in March. I must have hit a lull in my schoolwork because the number of books I thought IContinue reading “You gotta get with my friends”

If you wanna be my lover

Sorry to disappoint, but February wasn’t a month chock full of love for me. However, in Februrary I did a series of posts for black history month- something I will be doing again next year. What came from this is actually one of my top read posts from my blog, and most hits are via searchContinue reading “If you wanna be my lover”