What do I stand for?

I have been speaking up more than usual on the biggest issue surrounding the NFL right now: players sitting during the National Anthem. Until today, I did not think that I sided one way or the other, but I can now see clearly that I was mistaken. I want this post today to be anContinue reading “What do I stand for?”

Jesse Williams is not getting fired

At the BET awards Jesse Williams made a powerful, political, speech that spoke what a lot of people are feeling. However, unlike many other people, he was not silenced. Today I learned that there is a petition going around for him to get fired from Grey’s Anatomy in light of this speech…

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

***I haven’t been writing recently so the events in this post are dated but the content and the points are not.*** About a month ago, an undergraduate student at the University of Iowa (my current home) sustained multiple injuries to his face. He claimed these injuries were the result of a hate crime. I wasContinue reading “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”