No Dream Too Big

Nike chooses Kaepernick as spokesperson for new ad campaign, and I am 100% here for it.

What Does Pro-Life Really Mean?

I saw some sort of pro-life propaganda in each gas station restroom I stopped in between Mequon and Iowa. The second time I thought, “is there something the universe is trying to tell me?” I realized the universe was calling me to use my voice and my medium to open a conversation about what being pro-life really means.

Weave Your Story

If you’re one of the lucky ones these two things are true: 1. You came into this world naked and screaming. 2. You will leave this world fully closed and at peace. Everything that happens in between is unique only to you. You are not alone; you are never alone. However, that does not meanContinue reading “Weave Your Story”

My one year fitaversary!

Today’s post is hosted on YouTube! I decided to say it instead of write it this week! Watch here! I am so excited that I have come this far, I am excited for all of the steps that I will continue to take!! YOU are welcome to be part of my journey. Listen to myContinue reading “My one year fitaversary!”

Hiding My Heart

You may have seen your friends posting some crazy Facebook statuses this past week for autism awareness. I liked a status to show support for raising awareness, but I was very appalled when the Facebook message that followed started with this: You shouldn’t have liked or commented on my last status hahaha. Wait, what? IfContinue reading “Hiding My Heart”

What do I stand for?

I have been speaking up more than usual on the biggest issue surrounding the NFL right now: players sitting during the National Anthem. Until today, I did not think that I sided one way or the other, but I can now see clearly that I was mistaken. I want this post today to be anContinue reading “What do I stand for?”