Weekend Warrior: Workouts and Weight Loss

It’s so hard when you look in the mirror and love what you see. It’s so hard when you smile through a workout, and get your sweat on. It’s so hard when you want five donuts, and you substitute with something else. It’s so hard when you have to modify your workouts because of a sprained foot. It’s so hard… But you have to do it anyway.

Fueled by Coffee

Coffee is a drink of love. Coffee gets me moving and keeps me moving. With coffee in hand I feel invincible! I wish I was better able to convey the superhero image that flew around my head while I was typing those thoughts. Ironically, as I sit typing this post I’m sipping on pomegranate green tea! In addition to professing my love for caffeinated beverages, this post also professes to the Motivation Monday trend we’ve all hopped on.


Last December, I did a 12-day countdown to January 1st to celebrate my accomplishments of the year. This year, I am starting today and with a single post. There is no reason for me to wait to share my success (and failures) and a “fresh start” does not need to happen on January 1st. EveryContinue reading “#Blessings”

Weave Your Story

If you’re one of the lucky ones these two things are true: 1. You came into this world naked and screaming. 2. You will leave this world fully closed and at peace. Everything that happens in between is unique only to you. You are not alone; you are never alone. However, that does not meanContinue reading “Weave Your Story”

My Fitness Journey

Yesterday/today I walked away from the best thing that happened to me in 2016. Before you get too sad and judgey, I walked away because I was ready. I finally found the confidence hidden inside myself to to carry on on my own. So what was this thing? My virtual fitness group. In Fall 2013Continue reading “My Fitness Journey”