Newsy Tuesday: Edition 2 July 17 2018

Hello! This post was completely researched and written in two states- neither of which is the one I live in! I feel like I’m a real fake reporter ;). Today’s topics cover Stormy Daniels, Racism, Thailand, Helsinki, and of course, Funnies. Celebrity News Stormy Daniels was arrested from a strip club in Ohio for touching … Continue reading Newsy Tuesday: Edition 2 July 17 2018

Newsy Tuesday: Edition 1

Welcome to my new bi-weekly segment: Newsy Tuesday. Every other week I’m going to hit you with my favorite story from a variety of categories in hopes that it increases your awareness of what’s going on in the world. Before we get started: Where did this idea come from? This was on my “I can’t … Continue reading Newsy Tuesday: Edition 1