5 things you might not know about me

I’ve been doing quite a bit of thinking about how to reach my readers. Yesterday I went through ALL of my old blog posts. I reviewed a little bit of every post I have ever written- even from back in the days when I was posting to Blogger. When I started writing I was writing…

Saving some green

This is quite a different post for me, and a style I don’t think I have ever done. As a graduate student, money is often tight. I have a budget and since making a realistic budget I have yet to overstep boundaries. There have been some unexpected expenses, but I have money set aside for…

2016- Your Year in Review

I hope I’m not breaking any copyright laws with stealing this title from Facebook. I chose this title for today’s post because that is exactly what I want to do today for you, recap 2016 and talk about where I want to go with 2017. Here’s the irony in the situation though: I have refused…

Current State of Mind

1. Politicians are outspoken and the two-party system is outdated.
2. There is violence of all kinds in all parts of the world. The solidarity surrounding the victims is not equal.
3. The answer is not to fight violence with violence. It is also not fair to judge too quickly.

I Run My Life

The only thing stopping you from success is the limits you impose upon yourself.

Five things I really miss from my childhood

Snack time- I love food. Having a scheduled time to eat a sometimes very unhealthy snack is the best! Basically, I just don’t want to be judged for my food choices or feel like I have to defend myself with them. Not making my own decisions- As a child you are told exactly what to…