What Does Pro-Life Really Mean?

I saw some sort of pro-life propaganda in each gas station restroom I stopped in between Mequon and Iowa. The second time I thought, “is there something the universe is trying to tell me?” I realized the universe was calling me to use my voice and my medium to open a conversation about what being pro-life really means.

What do I stand for?

I have been speaking up more than usual on the biggest issue surrounding the NFL right now: players sitting during the National Anthem. Until today, I did not think that I sided one way or the other, but I can now see clearly that I was mistaken. I want this post today to be anContinue reading “What do I stand for?”

Public Displays of… Boobs

The first time I realized that society’s problem with breastfeeding was in fact a problem was early one morning on a small airplane when a lady with an infant son sat down next to me and immediately pulled out her breast and started feeding him. No sooner had he started eating than she started aContinue reading “Public Displays of… Boobs”

The human word is a mess

I believe the truest line in Disney’s The Little Mermaid was, as the title of this blog post suggests, “The human world is a mess.” (Thanks for holding it down Sebastian.) Last night when I was working on ideas I wanted this post to be about how we’re treating Caitlyn Jenner on social media. IContinue reading “The human word is a mess”