Newsy Tuesday: December 4

I was watching the news last night and I actually thought to myself, “wow this is boring.” And then, I just sat there and celebrated the fact that I wasn’t listening to tales of fire and murder and natural disasters. I could actually sit there and listen to just everyday things. So, I shouldn’t beContinue reading “Newsy Tuesday: December 4”

What Nobody Tells You About 4th Grade

Warning: Potential Tear-Jerker Cardinals appear when angels are near. Fifteen years ago this summer I lost my best friend. Last week I saw my first cardinal of 2017. Every time I see a cardinal, I make sure to say “hi Holly” out loud. I know it might sound crazy, but her mom taught me thatContinue reading “What Nobody Tells You About 4th Grade”

On Death (Originally Posted 6/2/11)

I don’t know what I was dreaming about last night, but my first thoughts this morning were of those we lost too early, especially Holly Jauch and Jon Morales. I miss my friends, they were excellent people in their lives, for both of them I rarely saw them without a smile, they always wanted toContinue reading “On Death (Originally Posted 6/2/11)”