Take a Stand by Taking a Knee

How can we have a national anthem in a divided country? By now you have probably heard that Fox Sports will no longer be airing footage of the national anthem before NFL games. But I ask you, who won? If baseball players in the postseason start protesting, will this trend continue? And by not airingContinue reading “Take a Stand by Taking a Knee”

Come Together, Right Now, Forever

Dear friends, To all of you who marched Saturday, January 21, 2017 let me just say how incredibly proud I am of you coming together in the wake of what could be a darker future than we have faced. Let me also say that I really hope you continue to march in your homes today, andContinue reading “Come Together, Right Now, Forever”

Hiding My Heart

You may have seen your friends posting some crazy Facebook statuses this past week for autism awareness. I liked a status to show support for raising awareness, but I was very appalled when the Facebook message that followed started with this: You shouldn’t have liked or commented on my last status hahaha. Wait, what? IfContinue reading “Hiding My Heart”

Fear of the Unknown

I know there are those who doubt that racism is still such a big problem, but if you ask me, it’s only middle-aged people who think that, those who think the world has automatically become better simply because they’re old enough to shape it now, but without any of them having made the slightest contributionContinue reading “Fear of the Unknown”

What do I stand for?

I have been speaking up more than usual on the biggest issue surrounding the NFL right now: players sitting during the National Anthem. Until today, I did not think that I sided one way or the other, but I can now see clearly that I was mistaken. I want this post today to be anContinue reading “What do I stand for?”