All of those things that you feared will disappear from you in time

Little disclaimer, I wrote this a week ago, but I forgot to post it. Since it is a #TransformationTuesday and not a #WisdomWednesday, I decided to delay for a week rather than posting late. Forgive me! Today is a very special Transformation Tuesday because it is a professional transformation for me. When I return from … Continue reading All of those things that you feared will disappear from you in time

Fear of the Unknown

I know there are those who doubt that racism is still such a big problem, but if you ask me, it’s only middle-aged people who think that, those who think the world has automatically become better simply because they’re old enough to shape it now, but without any of them having made the slightest contribution … Continue reading Fear of the Unknown

There is an elephant in every room

Are you ready for this? The United States elected its next president yesterday and that man is Donald Trump. The popular vote went to Hillary Clinton by a narrow margin, but Trump got the electoral votes necessary to win the presidency. That means that America chose a man with no experience over a woman with … Continue reading There is an elephant in every room

Jesse Williams is not getting fired

At the BET awards Jesse Williams made a powerful, political, speech that spoke what a lot of people are feeling. However, unlike many other people, he was not silenced. Today I learned that there is a petition going around for him to get fired from Grey's Anatomy in light of this speech...