Nina Simone

You may see the name “Nina Simone” and think of her singing. But do you think about her involvement as a civil rights activist? Or her forcefulness to combat oppression? Nina Simone (Eunice Kathleen Waymon, 1933-2003) was a minister’s daughter who, honestly, probably just got sick and tired of the world mistreating people. She performedContinue reading “Nina Simone”

Garrett Morgan

Garrett Morgan is perhaps my favorite inventor of days past. His contributions are still very important and instrumental in our society and I do not know many (if there is one at all) who can imagine a society without his contributions. Morgan worked on developing the formula for chemical hair straightening, an early version of aContinue reading “Garrett Morgan”

Archibald (Archie) Alexander

Archie Alexander is an Iowa native and the first African-American graduate of from the College of Engineering from the University of Iowa. He also studied at the University of London, and Howard University also rewarded Alexander with an honorary doctorate degree in engineering. He started his own company at age 26 and is responsible forContinue reading “Archibald (Archie) Alexander”

Benjamin Banneker

I thought I was going to remain objective in these, but I am definitely leaning heavily towards the scientists. Oh well, you can only ask for so much. Enter Benjamin Banneker(1731-1806). Banneker was his own educator for mathematics and astronomy, and unofficially an engineer (because I’m biased!). He devised an irrigation system for his familyContinue reading “Benjamin Banneker”