One Twelfth

Today is the very last day of January 2019. Can you believe that? I am honestly so surprised that this month has gone by so quickly! It’s important to check in with your new year goals every so often (more often early) so that you know how well you’re doing. It’s important to realize that you are either ahead or behind, particularly behind, before it’s too late. So, let’s recap my goals and how I’ve been working towards them so far.

  • Lose weight. I have completed the first week’s worth of exercises for the PiYo/T25 hybrid calendar as of yesterday. The best part? My husband has been working out with me! I have explored many methods of accountability, and although I wouldn’t say that there was anything that didn’t work, there is nothing that compares to having my husband next to me. There is nobody I would rather high five at the end of a sweat session than that man. I’m also eating more vegetables, because that was lacking. 
  • Read 60 books this year. I am in the middle of books 4 and 5 of 2019, and I have to say that I am enjoying them. I’m close to finishing Little White Lies by Jennifer Lynne Barnes, and I’m casually listening to 11/22/63 by Stephen King on Audible. I am honestly really glad I’m starting the year on a long audiobook, because one of the subgoals was to read no more than 15 audiobooks, and ultimately I wanted to limit it to one a month if possible. But, I am a little behind my 5 books/month goal and I am hoping that I can at least finish one of these books before the weekend hits. 
  • Call my friends and family more often. This is quite possibly my biggest failure thus far of 2019. Insofar as I was supposed to call a friend yesterday but didn’t realize that yesterday was the day we agreed upon until today. I also have not been calling my parents or my in-laws as much as I wish I was. The good thing is that my husband is calling home more often (see how making aligned goals can be to your benefit?) so I’m hoping that his example will help me be great. 
  • Knit, knit, knit! Well, I finished the Ravenclaw scarf I had been working on, but I still need to finish weaving in the ends and backing it. I am working on a striped blanket for myself, gloves for a friend, a headband for the shop, and want to start more mug cozies. Essentially, I’m knitting but I’m not knitting as much as I told myself I would. I am putting in knitting time whenever I can and that’s rather nice!

How are you doing with your goals? Have you checked in lately? Is there anything you feel like you need to improve? Anything you feel like you’re doing an absolutely spectacular job of?


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