Self Care Sunday: Skin

Okay, let’s talk skin care. I (completely coincidentally) began a new skin care routine on January 1. Lately I’ve been struggling with more blackheads and pimples, but mostly more blackheads. I have a friend that introduced me to Rodan & Fields last summer. However, at the time I was introduced, I was feeling really non-committal. It felt like my skin was changing every time I blinked and I didn’t want to spend the money on something I wouldn’t end up using because my skin was being such a prick. However, my skin has been on the oily side for months now, even with my previous routine. I did the math awhile ago, and even though it’s an expensive price tag, taking into consideration how many fewer products I would be using, it made a lot of sense to take the plunge.

Right away, I began to love washing my face. You have to ease yourself into the regimen (every other morning, then every morning…), and it has by far the hardest thing I’ve had to do so far this year. It’s so invigorating to feel like your skin is actually clean and not just washed. Normally, I wash my face twice a day with either a 2% salicylic acid wash or 1% salicylic acid wash (morning) and a gentle cleanser or exfoliating wash (night). I apply Cetaphil, and then I move on. I rarely wear makeup, and even when I do it’s usually concentrated to eye liner, eye shadow and mascara. So, you see, I never really worried about how my skin looked or felt, I just made sure that I was cleaning it so I could feel better about myself.

In the end, I actually got sick of it. I couldn’t handle always having pimples and blackheads. I couldn’t deal with the other bumps that might turn into pimples if I gave them a few days. I couldn’t handle the toilet paper blotting at work because my skin was so oily that I couldn’t stand it anymore. I’m still so early into this routine, so I have no idea how it’s going to work out for me, but I am hopeful. I do feel a difference in my skin, even if it looks the same. I think this will be my first successful commitment of 2019, and I am all for it!

Do you have a routine that you swear by? What about a new routine that you’re trying out for the new year? Let me know in the comments!

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