Newsy Tuesday and Remembrance: September 11

September 11, 2001. Do you remember where you were? Do you remember what you were doing when you got the news? I do. Mr. Thomas’s 4th grade class. Principal Taylor walked in with a sheet of paper. I don’t remember anything else from that day at school, other than the TVs were reserved for the older kids (which was probably best). I remember our TV at home didn’t leave the news station until I came home from school on September 12. Recently, I was talking to my mom about how many teens weren’t even alive when it happened. Last week it occurred to me that an 18-year-old could have been born in the year 2000. It has been so many years, so why does it still feel so recent?

When I decided to start this series, I wanted to bring light and life to news stories that I found. I wanted to spread both good and bad news. I wanted to use this as a platform to promote awareness of current events and discussion about controversial news. I discovered that I am really bad at remaining objective. I also discovered that I didn’t really care. This is a blog, not a newspaper, and if I want to include my opinions I have the rights to do so. I decided to move forward with intention, specifically the intention that any opinions would be used to promote values that I believe in. I think that in doing so, hopefully I can continue to inspire without offending.

Celebrity Deaths It seems that all my celebrity news lately is in the form of celebrity deaths. Since my last post, Burt Reynolds and Mac Miller have both left our world. Burt Reynolds has been on the movie screen since 1961 and has appeared in such moves as Deliverance (1972), [both of the] The Longest Yard (1974, 2005), and Without a Paddle. He has also made many TV show appearances. To be perfectly honest, Burt Reynolds was a name I grew up with but not a man whose work I really knew. Mac Miller is sort of the same way for me, I know that he was a talented artist, but I never paid much attention to his work. It’s unfortunate, but I have to be honest. Not much is known about Miller’s death, other than it was an apparent drug overdose. Miller has been a known abuser of drugs for many years, but he was born six days after me. I know what it’s like to lose people my own age- I’ve been doing it my whole life- but it never ever gets easier.

Job Shaming By now this news has blown up and down, but I would be remiss to neglect it. Former The Cosby Show star Geoffrey Owens (Elvin Tibideaux, Sandra’s husband). A photo of him bagging groceries at Trader Joe’s swept the internet. Many people made fun of him for being an out-of-work actor, and many people came to his defense for making money. Yesterday, Owens made a statement that the removal of The Cosby Show episodes from syndication following Bill Cosby’s sexual assault allegations hurt him financially, and that is what led him to seek another job. So, regardless of what your (or my) feelings on Cosby’s guilt: your actions have consequences. If you commit a crime, you affect other people. If you falsely report a crime, you affect other people. Doesn’t matter how you spin it. I would also like to say, please to those people who tried to use this moment to shame Owens learn the power of the internet. Not everybody is going to agree with you, and your speaking up may lead to the exact opposite of what you think it will. Just be ready. But honestly, honest work is never to be shamed. 

Black Women Ayanna Pressley won the Massachusetts election against Michael Capuano, who had already served 10 terms. Her win makes her the first black woman to represent Massachusetts in Congress. What stood out to me about this isn’t her accomplishment; it was her astonishment that she won. Seeing the video footage of her being in complete shock that she won was so special to me. It showed that even though she went for something she wanted, and trusted that she worked hard, she still didn’t believe it was possible. She understood that her future was in the voters’ hands that day, and so her success wasn’t just hers to earn in that moment. There is no Republican on the ticket for November. 

Awesome Women Homecoming queen Kaylee Foster was crowned queen during halftime and kicked the game winning field goal in overtime. Foster has been the varsity football kicker at Ocean Springs High School since her sophomore year. Now, as a senior, she said she didn’t have time to celebrate the game winning field goal because she had to take the ACT the next morning. She also said she had more confidence in making that kick than being crowned the homecoming queen. Mini rant: I actually found this article looking for the funny articles. THERE IS NOTHING FUNNY ABOUT THIS, THIS IS AWESOME. WAY TO USE YOUR TALENTS ,GIRL.

Other Stories I Do Not Have the Strength For Amber Guyger, Brett Kavanugh and Serena Williams. Serena should not have been fined, or if she should have a lot of men should have been fined as well. Kavanaugh is under fire mainly for a lack of protection for women’s rights. Amber Guyger is the Dallas police officer who entered the wrong apartment and shot a man thinking he was an intruder. She was white, he was black, some reports have claimed they knew each other while others have refuted it. It was dark, the door was open, and she stayed to perform CPR while on the phone with 911. She realized she was in the wrong apartment when she gave 911 her address (I’m sorry what?) I am too tired for this.

The Funnies

  • Goat on the loose in Inner Grove Heights, Minnesota
  • An escaped kangaroo (or wallaby) stopped morning traffic in Louisiana

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