Weekend Warrior: Workouts and Weight Loss

This weekend I want to share my fitness journey with my friends. I have blogged about my fitness journey in the past (Targeting Fat Loss, Vegan Week, Fitaversary, T25) But this post comes from two places in my mind and heart: (1) I just finished Week 1 of PiYo and (2) I have been having issues with my hypothyroidism. 

Good people in your fit fam will tell you over and over that the number on the scale doesn’t matter. And they aren’t wrong. The number on the scale doesn’t define you- what you can do during a fitness program and in your day to day life defines you. Your happiness and your strengths matter more than any number in the world. However, what this neglects is that because I was unable to control my body through diet and exercise, the number on my scale is in a decade I promised myself I would never reach. What’s more is that it’s at the high end of that decade. I am knocking on the door of 15 pounds more than I promised myself the scale would never say.

That said, I still haven’t reached my rock bottom. I thought that if I ever saw this number on the scale I would break down and cry like I was straight out of a dramatic scene in a movie/TV show. But I didn’t. I honestly just stood there, took a deep breath, and said to the mirror “so where do we go from here?” I already had a plan, I already had the tools, I already had the implementation. Which means “where we go from here” is to another specialist’s office that I have no interest in being in.

Here’s the bottom line: I have fitness goals, I have calorie goals, I have food goals. I have the number of the office I need to call first thing Tuesday morning. I have everything I need to work this out and get my health in order. It’s so hard when you look in the mirror and love what you see. It’s so hard when you smile through a workout, and get your sweat on. It’s so hard when you want five donuts, and you substitute with something else. It’s so hard when you have to modify your workouts because of a sprained foot. It’s so hard… But you have to do it anyway.

#ConfessionTime: What is one thing that you have been stopping yourself from doing, that you are going to have the courage to try anyway? Share in the comments if you feel comfortable.


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