WIP Wednesday: Etsy Projects

Today’s WIP Wednesday is another knitting-related post. I am actually really nervous to post this because in my (day job) world, sharing ideas before they’re ready can sometimes backfire on you. But, since I am anticipating getting these up over the weekend, I am hoping that I’m only adding excitement for my works.


Item #1

I’ve been working on a series of washcloths since last winter. I started these after knitting up the Bernat Spa Day Kits for my cousins as Christmas presents. I realized that I didn’t hate working with good cotton yarn and I liked the rapid nature of the projects. So, I decided to find a textured pattern that I like and knit up some washcloths for Etsy. 

Yarn I’m knitting these in the Premier Home speckled yarns. I have four different colors, which when they go up on the shop will not be named the same as Premier Home. I decided to do this because I think a lot of marketing goes into a name, and although their names are descriptive and get the job done, they don’t make me want to jump up and down. I want named that are exciting! I first used the Premier Home yarns when I was knitting some baby bibs, and found that it was easy to work with and easy to wash. Now that I am 5 washcloths away from my original goal of 12, I am feeling pretty darn good about myself. I am also still loving the yarn.

Pattern I decided to knit this in a stitch that I had previously used with super bulky yarn for a coffee cozy. I found that I loved the texture, in part because it didn’t feel super textured. But, it does have an added dimension that makes it great for a washcloth. I had to search Google to find the repeat (4 row repeat, which are my favorite) pattern and then re-wrote it so I’d have a bit of edging involved. I actually have rewritten this three times because my brain somehow didn’t like the way I separated it and kept screwing me up on my edge counts. But now, I’m breezing through and like I said, 5 left. Over halfway there.


Item #2

I also just picked up some fall colors over the weekend, with the intention of knitting up some hats and headbands. For headbands I’m planning on different sizes- a size that is wide enough for an ear warmer and a size that is closer to a fashion headband. All of the yarns remind me of fall and I am so excited to knit with them! This is another project that is going pretty quickly right now.

Yarn For the headbands I chose the Lion Brand Yarns Landscapes. I first received Landscapes as a gift from my mother, and used it to knit up a shawl (Boom!), and found that the way the colors blend is absolutely gorgeous. I am a bit of a lazy designer in that I would rather grab a variegated yarn than multiple colors. But, as much of that is laziness, even more is the surprise of what each project looks like because I cannot randomize my color selections like that.

Pattern I previously made a headband with leftover super chunky Bernat yarn that was used for a baby snuggle sack (Peanut) and a matching hat (no pattern). Really, I just wanted to see if I would like it and the super bulky yarns are great for that. I knit a cable up the middle, attached a button, and put it on. I still haven’t decided if I will keep that one or gift it, but I love it. So, now I’m using a thinner yarn and adjusting the pattern for width, but still knitting a cable up the middle. I honestly love it. The colors blend great and the cable gives it an added detail that I absolutely love.

So, if you like these teasers that you see here and are interested in checking out my shop, head over to: Given Knit My All on Etsy, Facebook, or (my person) Instagram for updates! 


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