Self Care Sunday: Hair Care Routine

People often tell me how soft my hair is. It occurred to me basically on a whim that I should share my hair care secrets. I don’t actually know which of these is *the* secret, but I know I must be doing something right because I recall my very dry and damaged hair less than a year ago.


Scalp care I’m putting this first because I honestly believe that if you read no further than this paragraph you’ll be better. When I realized that the dry hair wasn’t just my hair, and it was also my scalp, I decided to make some changes. I started taking Vitamin E. I noticed changed after about 3 weeks of taking the supplement every day. My scalp was never itchy, and I wasn’t dousing it in any kind of oils or conditioners to get it that way. My head felt lighter in a way. Sometimes I get in a bad habit of forgetting, and enough forgetting is noticeable. I do need to take it with food because it upsets my stomach if I don’t, and that’s usually where the forgetting comes in. I’ll remember 10 times a day, but all either without food or without vitamins. If anybody has tips as to how to fix this I would love to hear them!


Washing I wash my hair once a week. Sometimes I blow dry, sometimes I don’t. But I straighten it almost every day. Usually without problems too. For shampoo and conditioner I use Pureology hydrate (above). I have highlights and I love that the shampoo doesn’t dull them. The conditioner also smells and feels amazing and it’s one of my favorite moments of the week. This regimen was suggested by an old stylist when I was in undergrad, and though I have deviated a couple of times since, I have found this to be the best. I towel dry my hair, and then add Cantu’s leave in conditioner (below) and brush it through with a wide toothed comb. I also sleep with my SoftSheen Carson satin sleep cap (top photo) on every night. Occassionally, though less often now, I pre-treat with 100% pure coconut oil (organic coconut oil works well). I leave it in for 20 minutes prior to washing, then wash my hair as usual. I stopped this step once I no longer had problems with extensive dryness. I found it great as a restorative technique, but less necessary to me now.


My hair has been natural for almost 2.5 years now. I was a chemical treated child and my life has changed so much going the natural route. The day to day and week to week is definitely more work, but my hair feels better so it’s worth it. I also can get my hair colored with more confidence because I’m not worried about compounding types of chemicals and their effect on my hair. I highly recommend putting in the work to figure out what your hair needs because you will be so happy once you do!

What are you favorite hair products/routines?

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