Fueled by Coffee

Yes, how bad can it be?

Today I learned that there are a lot of quotes about coffee in City of Ashes, and even though it wasn’t on my reading list, I may have to add it because coffee is a special language that I speak fluently. Coffee is a drink of love. Coffee gets me moving and keeps me moving. With coffee in hand I feel invincible! I wish I was better able to convey the superhero image that flew around my head while I was typing those thoughts. Ironically, as I sit typing this post I’m sipping on pomegranate green tea! In addition to professing my love for caffeinated beverages, this post also professes to the Motivation Monday trend we’ve all hopped on.

“As long as there is coffee in the world, how bad can things be?” – Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes

Today I want to motivate you to enjoy what you have in front of you. If you saw my post from last week (Bullet Journal Updates *WIP Wednesday*), you would have seen that I have been doing a gratitude log in my bullet journal. This month, my gratitude is focused on the morning. I have been logging what I am thankful for in those first 5-10 minutes after I wake up. Honestly, without the day behind me it’s a little difficult to come up with things. But my brain is always moving, it’s just a matter of focusing it in on what I want to focus on. Most days my gratitude has been related to my health- I’m happy to wake up each and every day and be able to tackle a to-do list. However, I also sprained my foot recently, which had me on crutches for almost a full week and I’m still limping around, albeit it is diminishing. This means that a project that I wanted to tackle over four weekend days, actually only got one day of work. It’s definitely half done, and as annoying as that might be for me, I also know that I did what I could and I just have to be okay with that.

As a newlywed, I am also constantly happy to have found somebody who loves me for me. I am quirky and weird and annoying, but I have a partner who understand all of that and matches it with his own version of this blend. We’re leaving for our honeymoon in 12 short hours and I am beyond excited to get away and be alone with the company of another, to explore new places, and make new memories. Being away for a week also stresses me out though- all of the what ifs have been pounding through my head for days and I cannot seem to quiet them down. Even so, I know that if I get up and do my best in each and every day then whatever comes will come and I can deal with it when I must. I already have a great lineup of posts for this week, partially outlined, so hopefully you won’t get too much silence from me despite all of my fun! The posts are largely focused on harnessing your happiness, including looking for it in the right places if you feel like it is lost.

What fuels you? Are you a coffee/tea drinker or do you thrive on your love of life? Let me know what gets you going in the morning or on Monday (or Monday morning, ha!). 


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