Newsy Tuesday: Edition 1

Welcome to my new bi-weekly segment: Newsy Tuesday. Every other week I’m going to hit you with my favorite story from a variety of categories in hopes that it increases your awareness of what’s going on in the world.

Before we get started:

Where did this idea come from? This was on my “I can’t fall asleep, I need to scribble on my notepad” ideas a couple of weeks ago. I decided to go through with it (unlike most of those notes) because I find it really difficult to find news that is uplifting and/or relevant.

Where do you find the news? Anywhere! There are many ways to stay up to date (Reddit, Buzzfeed, CNN…), but really I found that I can explore the news anywhere I normally browse, as long as I set forth the effort and intention of looking for it. That said, I do spend more time actually reading the news now and looking through headlines than I did before.

What kinds of stories are going to be featured here? As of right now, I haven’t gotten all of the categories worked out. I am most interested in celebrating black excellence and world news because I feel like these are the two areas I lack most.

Getting started:

Black Excellence: Justin Tuck, former NFL superstar, has found a new home at Goldman Sachs. Tuck attended the Wharton (Business) School at The University of Pennsylvania, ranked number 1 in the nation, and has accepted an offer for the vice president of the private wealth management division at Goldman Sachs. I love this story for multiple reasons:

  • As an athlete, your career cannot last forever and you have to decide what you will do next
  • There are a lot of people in this world who do not believe that black people can succeed
    • There are also a lot of people that especially do not believe black athletes can succeed
  • Hardwork and determination are what get you a career. Tuck became a star both on and off the field because of dedication, not favors
  • Tuck is now someone to look up to in terms of education. So often black people fall into the realization that “nobody looks like me” and start questioning themselves, whereas now we have another person to look to who did it.

World News: Turkey and Mexico have just passed an election. In Turkey, President Erdogan won re-election; a re-election that was moved up 18 months. This is concerning to me, as an American, because thesis just the thing that Trump half jokingly announced he would do. It is also something that polls (I believe it was USA Today, but don’t quote me) have shown that the majority may actually be in favor of. It is also concerning because this new election gives the president even more power (again, sounding familiar), and honestly it’s all just a little too real. Mexico’s president-elect, on the other hand, has refused to live in presidential residence (okay, also familiar), but he also pledged to cut his own salary and to sell the presidential plane. There’s talk that him and Trump have vowed to work together, and I’m honestly interested to see how this works out. At minimum, I am hoping that it opens some closed-minds.

Sports: LeBron James is now a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. I do not know enough about basketball to comment on this further, I just wanted to include it in case you missed it. I do know that LeBron had a sorry excuse for team support in his old position and I am hopeful that this move will help him reach the status he deserves. I also know that I miss the basketball playing style of my childhood.

That’s all for today! If you see something cool and/or important in the news, let me know! I would be happy to dig into it and look further.

Bonus Content:

  • Kentucky Bourbon Warehouse (Sazerac) collapsed, spilling 9,000 barrels of whiskey
  • A charity-owned stork carrying a SIM card for tracking purposes was stolen, and the SIM card used to make over 20 hours of phone calls
  • An octopus predicted that Japan would beat Colombia in the World Cup. Octopus has been boiled and sold.

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