WIPs Wednesday: So Long Février!

I honestly cannot remember the last time I posted anything about my knitting, let alone a WIP Wednesday. Today I am featuring both of my WIPs:

– A vest for a special March baby (Pattern available: Keene Toddler Vest)

– A Ravenclaw-inspired scarf for a dear friend (Pattern generated by myself)

The one thing I have learned this month in regards to my knitting is that writing patterns and working poorly written patterns is a lot of work. It is exhausting to constantly question whether or not something is right. I have gained a lot of respect for my fellow pattern writers, and I understand why so many pattern writers focus on a specific niche. You almost have to to be successful. This is a particular lesson that I am still trying to learn myself. I hate focus and I love looking broadly. I also love looking towards the future.

With each of these projects, I am constantly thinking about what the finished project is gong to look like, and how quickly I can get myself there. To be perfectly honest, neither is going as quickly as I wish they were, but I also know that they’re both going to be absolutely gorgeous once I am done. I recently spent a couple of extra days at home knitting my heart out, and it was not as fulfilling as I imagined it (so good news for science: I’m not quitting any time soon).

My Keene Toddler Vest- WIP

I made several modifications to the Keene Toddler Vest pattern, which will be happily uploaded to my Ravelry Project (Start With Givens- Ben’s Easter Vest) upon completion. Hopefully you’ll be seeing more knitting related posts out of me as the months tick on in 2018! I am feeling particularly unfulfilled in knitting though because I have not been able to reach my February goals. I did have to take about a week of productivity off to treat some tendonitis, and I’m still not entirely back to my normal speed. It sucks when something comes along and stops you in your tracks; when you are physically unable to do something you love it is hard to push yourself through it. However, returning to it is ever so sweet. But I do have to remind myself what muscle memory is and how to knit quickly. So, I am hoping beyond hope that the amount of time I can devote to knitting this vest in the next five days will make it almost done, if not entirely done, and then I can return to the scarf and the rest of my February goals.

Happy Knitting!

PS- I am happy to provide color ways and yarn used for these projects as well


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