Mystery and Thriller Week at Goodreads!

It’s mystery and thriller week on Goodreads! For those of you that don’t know, these are my FAVORITE genres of books. In honor of this great week, I have decided to share five of my favorite mystery and/or thriller books and tell you why I found them so great. I would also like to mention that I *did* go through my Goodreads shelf and evaluated how much I loved EACH of these books. So this list is as accurate as possible on this day. Let me know if you plan to participate and feel free to connect with me on Goodreads! Mention this post in your request! Happy reading!

Book 1: What We Saw This book may be the biggest stretch for the list, which is why I have listed it first. What We Saw is definitely a mystery and suspense novel, but it is a young adult novel and the topic is not light. There are teenagers at a party, there is drinking, there is unwanted contact, there is a video. What We Saw is a great realistic fiction about problems that young people face. What makes it a good mystery/suspense in spite of this is the way in which events are revealed to the reader. The reader learns the information along with the main character, which is my favorite kind of suspense to read. I like not knowing information on top of what the character knows. Of course, sometimes I can figure it out faster, but that is neither here nor there. At the very least, I think this book is a good read for anybody who was hurt or wants to be an advocate for those who are hurting.

Book 2: Sharp Objects If you like Gillian Flynn, just move on to the next book because you will need no further convincing. If you do not like Gillian Flynn (AKA if you are one of those people that disliked Gone Girl), don’t discount her. Sharp Objects is in my opinion Flynn’s best book. This book stands apart from Flynn’s others because the main character is actually relatable. The specifics of her psychological well-being may be foreign to you, but her actions do make much more sense than the main characters in her other books. I saw this having watched the Dark Places movie several times (because the only time I made it through that book was painful) trying to figure out what makes it so special. I also say this having read Gone Girl and seen the movie and wondering, what Flynn was thinking. So, this book is definitely an option for everybody, regardless of your feelings on her other books.

Book 3: Before I Go To Sleep Speaking of books that were made into movies, this movie is amazing and I am actually going to watch it tonight while I knit instead of continuing to binge watch Nashville on Hulu. Why? Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth. Why for real? It fits so well with the book. Any other reasons? I loved the book, but it is quite thick with small print. I don’t have the time, or perhaps I don’t desire to make time, to re-read books that take that long when there are soooooo many other books in the world! Regardless, if you like thrillers this is a phenomenal thriller. The premise is also great because when you look at the situation that Christine is in, it seems as though there is nothing she can do. Ah, added complexity. If I had to pick a favorite book from this list, I would be inclined to pick this one, but I really just cannot decide.

Book 4: The Westing Game I have loved this book since the first time I read it as an adolescent. I have re-read this book numerous times throughout my life and I never tire of it. For one thing, I feel like reading this book is a brain exercise. The book itself is easy, but it is impossible for me to read the book and not think like a detective, so to speak. There are clues throughout, it is so easy to make yourself part of the action. I also feel like this is one of those books that I pick up on new/different details every time I read it which makes it that much more fun. I highly suggest this book for a quick, fun, mystery read.

Book 5: The Butterfly Garden I saved the best for last. If you are a fan of mysteries and thrillers this is absolutely a must read! This book isn’t even a year old, but I have already considered rereading it. Fortunately for me, I own the Kindle version so I can read it whenever I desire. Also, good news, this book will be part of a series soon so if you want more, Dot Hutchison is going to deliver. Book 2 is expected to drop May 23rd so if you’re like me and plan to be at the first of the virtual line (because Kindles!) you should get on reading this book ASAP to get super duper excited!

Book 6: The book I will be reading this week is Good As Gone. I have had the book on my Kindle for months now, I just have not gotten around to reading it yet. I have seen it on several blogs and book lists recently and every time I see the cover or read someone’s description I get really excited, but then I want my physical book, or I’m still trying to finish this darn Kindle book I started in November (almost done, Kindle says I have 90 minutes of reading left!). So, because I cannot end mystery and thriller week without actually reading a mystery or thriller book, this is finally the week! Stay tuned for my thoughts!


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