Three Times a Star

So, I definitely dropped the ball more than planned during February. However, it kind of worked out in my favor because now I have even more to say about the woman named Viola Davis.

This past Sunday, Viola Davis became the first black woman to win an Oscar, Emmy, and Tony for acting. If I had posted this when I originally planned, I would not have gotten the opportunity to praise her for this accomplishment!

But here is the real reason I chose Viola Davis for my posts this year: She did not have it easy. So often we see fame and fortune and forget to remember that celebrities are people too. We forget that celebrities all came from somewhere- yes, some were born into famous families, but others were not.

Of course, now that she has made history, everybody wants to talk about her journey; her path. Davis attended Juilliard. Juilliard you say, so she always had talent! Just stop right here, let’s forget the struggle. Not everybody gets to go to Juilliard. You should have seen my face while I was typing that out. Davis did not go to Juilliard until she was an adult, there was a lot of life before that.

Even if nobody had told me that Davis’s family struggled throughout her childhood, I would know. In fact, I did know. How you ask? Because of her honesty and purity in her roles. One does not perform on stage, whether it be play, television, or movies, without drawing from personal experiences. I love the characters that Davis portrays. He breathes so much life into these women, because she understands them. She understands them in a way that researching the role when you get cast doesn’t teach you. It is entirely obvious that she is able to pull from experience in her roles.

So, in summary, I really wanted this post to make an appearance because I feel that in our society today, we don’t use our experiences to their full potential. I feel like we have experiences and we move on without learning or growing from them. I also feel like we take the path that we believe we are supposed to take, rather than the path that best utilizes our strengths. Both of these things hinder us tremendously i developing into better people.


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