Pinwheel Baby Blanket


Yarn: Bernat Softee Baby in Grey Marl

Needles: Lots- 7″ and 10″ size 6 DPNs, size 6 16″, 47″ circular, size 5 36″ circular

Purpose: Gift for two first-time parents close to my heart.

First things first, this yarn was an absolute nightmare to work with. It kept knotting on itself, and on multiple occasions I got so frustrated that I cut the yarn and tied it back in. Quite frankly, on the aforementioned occasions I am sure it was hopeless to keep trying anyway.

Second, this would not be an honest post if I did not include my mistakes. There was really one one major mistake: to make this pattern easier, I added a stitch marker in each of the 10 sections of the pinwheel. However, at some point, I lost a stitch marker and kept knitting seven more inches of blanket before realizing I had done it. In fact, I was one round shy of binding off when I discovered this issue. I could not in good conscience gift the blanket, so I went back, took it all out, and went back to work. (See featured photo, bottom right).

I should also mention that this blanket was supposed to accompany me to a baby shower two days after I found the mistake. Needless to say, that didn’t happen, but as I was finishing up on my second skein of yarn, I knew  I still had time to work and so I decided to add some edging. I was never a fan of the pictures of the finished product because the ruffles did not look purposeful. However, I knew they were and so it would be okay. But alas! With more time and options, I looked up some edging for this blanket. Lucky for me, the same Ravelry user who posted the blanket also posted edging. The photos looked great, so I added a little. My edging barely hits 1 inch, but I didn’t want a “frilly” blanket. I just wanted something that was obviously purposeful.

I am so excited to gift the blanket, although I am a little sad that we are parting ways. I feel like we went through so much together and it is an old friend leaving me. But, I also have no use for another blanket, seriously, you should see my house. We are absolutely addicted to blankets and our parents keep gifting them to us- and we love each and every one. No freaking joke. Okay, tangent over.

Currently, I’m having a “what’s next” dilemma. I am finishing up a shawl (within the hour unless I decide to start cooking again) for a very late Christmas present. I put the shawl on hold about a month ago to work on the baby blanket, and my best friend was an absolute champion about all of this. She also, has not gotten me my birthday present yet, so we’re pretty even as far as we’re concerned. I am really anxious to learn how to knit clothing items. I just learned how to cable for some baby bibs (which did make it to the baby shower, picture below), and I would love to incorporate those into a project as well. Basically, I just don’t know what I can get excited about after the struggles I just went through with the blanket. I had a fair isle hat planned, but I have the windows open today and that doesn’t seem like my next happiness project. So anyway, if you have anything to send my way hit that contact me button!



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