Reflections, Focus, Service

As a scientist, I love looking back at the views and likes on my posts and seeing which ones were viewed and which weren’t. I love seeing what posts get viewed from search engine results versus which are most viewed from the link on my Facebook page. And I love showing up more often and writing more and sharing myself with you my readers.


I always have so much on my mind and it is very difficult to clear my head at times. Even right now, I am actively working on four things including this post. My brain is compartmentalizing it all, and I’m good with shifting my focus every so often between these four things, but sometimes I really wish I could just hone in on one thing and stick with it.

That honing in is one of the reasons that I love the workout plan I am currently working through. It’s called Focus T25 (Learn more here), and right now I am in the alpha round, which is also called the foundation round. Every day that I show up, I promise to devote 25 minutes of focus to improving my body. And you know what? I have no problem doing that. I listen to my body, I react to my body’s needs, and I put in the work to get the outcome that I desire.


What really surprised me was that I was not able to translate this to the rest of my life as easily as I  had hoped. I can say, “okay Brittany your focus starts now” with a Pomodoro timer on and just try to power through one session of writing and I just cannot do it. Five minutes feels like five hours and it took a bit of frustration and reflection to realize that the problem wasn’t me not being a failure, it was me not wanting to do the work. It’s knowing that the outcome isn’t what I want. It’s knowing that I am trying to push myself to do something that at its core really just does not make me happy.

So, I had to think some more about what does make me happy. What makes me happy is doing work that serves other people. What makes me happy is knowing that what I am doing directly impacts another human life. I know that the words I am sharing right now will reach someone, and I hope that they will reach a lot of people. I know that my workouts will make me a healthier person for my family. I know that helping other people achieve their goals will make them happy and create a ripple effect. These are the things that I feel called to do and I hope that I do them justice.


If there is anything that you would like me to reflect on, discuss, or include in upcoming blog posts please do not hesitate to mention them in the comments section on this page, head over to the Post Suggestions page on this blog, or reach out to me by email (please make the subject line “Post Suggestions” to ensure I see it).


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