Love Myself

October was a pretty slow month for me.

My wonderful significant other of two years went to Hawaii for a conference without me (I’m not still bitter or anything). Then, we got to watch some beautiful Dobermans for 10 days and get all of the doggy cuddles I wanted. I still miss those girls.

During these dog sitting days, I got asked whether switching research groups was something that I would consider doing (see November). This sent me down a tumultuous and emotional journey in which I felt very conflicted. I had put so much of myself into my development as a graduate student, I think I initially found it insulting. However, I realized that it wasn’t about what I had done, and instead it was about what others were doing for me. This brought me closer to some of the faculty and students here that helped me make the best decision for Brittany- without thinking about other factors.

Now, I am very much a fan of thinking about Brittany and doing what Brittany needs. I am also already sick of speaking about myself in the third person. But seriously, making myself a priority was not something I was doing well enough. This experience taught me what it really meant to make myself a priority.


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