There’s more room on the inside…

…that is actually still TBD.


I found this pattern on Ravelry, where I find most of my patterns or ideas. What sold me on this was that I have multiple Doctor Who fans in my life, and it looked super cozy. I have had one test subject, and have been assured that it is in fact “super comfy.”

With this pattern I did something I have never, ever, done before (in my whole two years of knitting)- I used a different brand of yarn for the blue and the gray. The gray is Red Heart Soft whereas the blue is Lion Brand Heartland. I didn’t even notice they were different brands until I got home. But they were a Black Friday purchase and stupid cheap for yarn, so who was I to complain? Honestly, they worked so well together! I couldn’t even tell while I was knitting that they were different, except the gray is notably softer than the blue.

The above picture does not capture my favorite aspect of the finished project, which was the bottom ribbing of the hat. This made the hat nice and stretchy, and me less afraid to gift it to somebody with a head full of curls.


The key feature of this pattern was fair isle knitting. I first learned fair isle back in the spring when I made my boyfriend a laptop case, and it was challenging. With this hat, because it was knit in the round and knit stitches in every row, my yarn always stayed behind the project. Anybody who is new to fair isle- I would highly recommend this strategy. I was able to get into a rhythm of carrying my yarn, which made the project go faster.  In the end, it was very even with no puckering (which can happen if you hold your yarn too tightly) and no gaps between stitches (which I have previously had issues with in trying to carry my yarn). Additionally, and most importantly for its clothing purpose, the unused yarn is snug to the hat, so it won’t snag on the wearer!


This project really boosted my confidence with knitting, as I spent just over 24 hours total (including the time I spent sleeping, running errands, etc.) knitting this hat. I had some struggles casting on my stitches because my DPNs were barely too short and my circular was barely too long (an issue I’ve run into with every hat I’ve started now if I’m not mistaken), but practice and patience gets me through that every time. I loved working on it, and I loved the smile I got when it was received. Sorry friends- from this reaction, it looks like you’re getting more knit things!

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