Sometimes solutions aren’t so simple

One characteristic about me that I don’t always like, but still wouldn’t change, is that I have very little sympathy for people who don’t help themselves. I am probably the absolute worst person on the planet to complain to when you are facing a hardship because I will just tell you, “that’s life, pick youself up, move on.” Now, don’t get me wrong. I can be your shoulder, but you are on a timer.

I have read a lot of stories this week regarding the struggles people are facing in their lives. Certain struggles deserve a lot of time and attention, I call these tragedies. However, other struggles deserve to be left behind. I understand that moving on can be difficult. I also understand that nobody can predict the straw that will break the camel’s back. Above both of those things, I understand that there are professionals and there are amateurs in this world to help you through that.

The common underlying feeling I have had when reading all these stories– even when I do muster up some sympathy– is that these are all people who are talking but not doing. You want to complain about not having a good enough job? Go look for one. You applied for 10 jobs last week and got no interviews? Keep trying, but first have a glass of wine. ONE GLASS. Move on. I know, much easier said than done. However, if you never go for it you already know the answer is going to be no.

Life can get you down. Life is going to get you down. You are not allowed to stay down. You have to get back up. The faster you get back up, the sooner you get to make the situation better. Again, I know it isn’t always so simple, but all I ask is that you try.



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