I Run My Life

(Protip: Skip to the list if you just want the resulting insights without the background story). Recently, I ran a 5K under 11 minutes/mile a little over a week after I finsihed a 6 week training plan to improve my 5K time (which I quit after several runs that left me disappointed instead of feeling great). The run before that, I ran with my foot asleep for the better part of 2/3 miles. I enjoy running. I think 1 mile is a waste of getting off my butt, but 3 miles has always seemed like torture. Over the weekend I ran with a friend (in his much flatter neighborhood) and ran 3.5 miles in slightly colder than desirable temperatures like it was nothing. Why are you suffering through this incredibly boring story of my runs? Because I learned a few things.

  1. The only thing stopping you from success is the limits you impose upon yourself.
  2. Sometimes the only push you need is to be challenged; never back down from a challenge.
  3. Even when something looks impossible, it is probably possible. A wise man once said, “the word itself says ‘I’m possible’.”
  4. Taking yourself to new heights opens new doors. At some point, all the doors at one level will be opened and there is only one logical choice: go forward.
  5. Thinking about something and doing something are not the same thing. It doesn’t matter how many times you tell yourself it is. It isn’t and it never will be. Doing something requires work, and dedication. And eventually, it might even be unbelievable that it was ever “just a thought.”

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A web-based soapbox of an Assistant Professor of color in Chemical Engineering; sharing my feelings on books, academia, and current events. I hope you enjoy reading :)

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