All the Things of Last Week

I am really at a loss for what to discuss this week so here’s my smorgasbord of topics, thoughts, feelings, opinions, ideas, etc.

I thought I would discuss the LaRoche situation, but then I read through the comments on Twitter and got so angry at the ignorance of some people and decided I wouldn’t. Then I thought, why not just weigh in on the ignorance and point out the gender bias of him staying home being a bad or unbelievable thing. And also, just say, he is of an acceptable age to retire so regardless of his reasons LEAVE HIM ALONE.

Okay, cool, rant over.

Just kidding. Donald Trump. Anybody who thinks that our foreign policy and international relations in a nation run by Donald Trump would be safe is completely delusional. If you’re okay with that, I sincerely hope you never, ever, get bitten by a travel bug.

Oh, that actually wasn’t too ranty. Good job writer.

SeaWorld. I personally have never been to SeaWorld. As a child I often dreamed of going. As an adolescent who could form rational thoughts and opinions on occassion (let’s be real, adolescents are crazy), I found it appalling that they were raising Orcas in captivity. Hooray! I no longer have to worry about that. Even so, I will probably continue to put SeaWorld on hold until there are (1) no more whales, or (2) I have a child with an adorable little face that I can’t say no to. Whichever comes first, I’m sure you understand my dear reader.

I think that is all for today. I applaud you if you made it through this incredibly boring post of no substance, I just don’t want to keep quiet for too long. I need to exercise my brain at this critical period of development.


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