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Benjamin Banneker

I thought I was going to remain objective in these, but I am definitely leaning heavily towards the scientists. Oh well, you can only ask for so much.

Enter Benjamin Banneker(1731-1806).


Banneker was his own educator for mathematics and astronomy, and unofficially an engineer (because I’m biased!). He devised an irrigation system for his family farm, wrote almanacs, and created a wooden clock that kept time for years. He was able to accurately predict eclipses and ran the family farm for his.

He was also involved in civil rights in the 18th century and held correspondance with Thomas Jefferson. His outspokenness about the injustice of slavery earned him the respect of abolitionists in the North and ultimately is credited with getting his almanac published.

Lesson learned: It does not matter who you have as a teacher, it does not matter what you are given in life. If you want something and you are willing to put in the work, you can achieve it.

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