Reggie White


Well, it’s Superbowl Sunday so I think it is safe to say we all saw a football star coming. And as a Green Bay Packer fan for life, it only makes sense to highlight Reggie White.

White died at the premature age of 43 of a heart attack after a successful career as an NFL and college defender. His jersey has been retired by Tennessee Volunteers, Philadelphia Eagles, and Green Bay Packers. He has been inducted into the College and Pro Football Hall of Fame.

At 17. White became an ordained Evangelical minister and on the field was known as the “Minister of Defense.” Although Reggie White was not always a Packer, he has always been a Packer to me. He is the very first player (in any sport) I remember actually looking up to as a role model. I don’t know what it was that drew me to him over anybody else. I still believe he was a very special man; that is all I have to say.

“The thing that I know, and everyone else knows, is that no one can ever take my accomplishments away. My goal as a football player was to be the best to every play my position. I believe I’ve reached my goal.”- Reginald Howard White



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