It’s the Holidays Season

So, Halloween is over and everybody has their Christmas decorations up, and carols playing 24/7 and  you’re just not ready. Or, perhaps you’re a member of the aforementioned everybody spewing their Christmas cheer as soon as it is socially acceptable to do so.

I can’t speak for everyone else but I can tell you this: Everything has a season. Regardless of what your beliefs are and what your favorite holiday is, the rest of the year must go on as scheduled. Halloween comes and goes; preparing costumes can take a couple hours or sometimes months. But it’s just for one night (technically). However, just as we stretch out our birthday for a week (or longer if we can), we can only stretch the celebration of Halloween out so far.

Thanksgiving at best lasts four days. Factor in one day of preparation, one day of celebration, and two days of leftovers and residual family time. Leftovers of course can last much longer than two days and stay as a reminder of the good time we had. But how often do you look at a leftover piece of turkey and think “I am really thankful for…” all over again? Most people don’t. Which means, the season of Thanksgiving really doesn’t last that long. Now I know, I know, we’re celebrating Native Americans getting kicked off their land, what’s so great about that? What’s great about it is that we’re remembering times in which we could all get along even if only momentarily. Today that is just as important as it has always been.

Now, the holiday everybody cares about: Christmas. What are the first six letters of Christmas? Exactly. That’s right. So while you play your pop Christmas albums remember how it all started. Now, I for one am totally in favor of celebrating in whatever way means the most to you. I just want to put the reminder out there that despite the commercialization there is a very real reason for the Christmastime holidays, including Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.

So what? Who cares? Maybe nobody. Regardless, if we wait to celebrate until the time comes for celebration we will appreciate it that much more. Likewise, if we celebrate with the reason in mind throughout the entire celebration, it will be much more meaningful. Whichever you choose, it’s your journey to pursue.

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A web-based soapbox of an Assistant Professor of color in Chemical Engineering; sharing my feelings on books, academia, and current events. I hope you enjoy reading :)

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