Do others see you how you want them to see you?

Greetings followers! I know it has been far too long since we’ve spoken. I think it’s only fitting that I return with an introspective sort of blog. So hold on tight…

Earlier today I was thinking (really more like wishing) my life had a soundtrack. Not the kind of soundtrack where you always have dramatic music in the background, but rather just sound clippings to express my thoughts. I myself have fallen guilty of the notion that I’m very happy people can’t read minds. However, lately, I’ve really been wishing I could express everything that comes to my mind because I think others deserve to know it. This got me thinking what has changed about me as a person. I realized that what’s really important is whether or not others see it.

I can say that I am much happier now than I was even just a few months ago. This got me wondering whether or not other people are able to see it. There are those that tell me they can see it, but what about those that can’t? What about those that didn’t really know me until I was this happy all the time? Do they still pick up on it? I really hope so. I am pleased I am happier– that means my life is in a good place. However, far more importantly than that, it means that I am impacting others positively which is something I’ve always *worked* to do but never just done.

So let me ask you good people if you can say the same. For those things you want people to see in you, do you try to make sure you show it? At the end of the day, when you go to bed at night are you pleased with the impact you left on the world? How many moments do you look back on and wish you could change because they disappointed you? How many moments do you look back on and wish you could have done better? How many moments completely satisfy you?

In reality, we’re always completely satisfied then we are never going to grow as people. Therefore, there is some good in feeling like you fell short of a mark. However, there is also a lot of good in going to bed proud of your accomplishments instead of worrying about your failures. A healthy mind facilitates a healthy body more than the other way around.

So what is it that makes you stand up on a mountain top and shout to the world?


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