On Death (Originally Posted 6/2/11)

I don’t know what I was dreaming about last night, but my first thoughts this morning were of those we lost too early, especially Holly Jauch and Jon Morales. I miss my friends, they were excellent people in their lives, for both of them I rarely saw them without a smile, they always wanted to right thing. Now that they’re gone, I can only wonder what kind of person they’d be today.

Jon died at an Army Training Base a year and a half ago, I have no doubt that he’d have the same personality, but would he be stronger? Would he tell you he’s learned more in his life?

Holly died when she was 10. She’d be 19 now, what kind of person would she be? Would she still be the person who never did anything but smile? Even when she was really sick, I never saw her when she wasn’t fighting. That’s something I loved about her, she didn’t let other people know she was suffering. She just spread happiness and joy to her friends. I miss you girl.

I started wondering if God takes good people young as a way of spreading good. For instance, you lose someone who meant a lot to you, always tried to improve the world, etc. And then they’re gone. Would you cry about it? Would you go out and try to do the same thing they did? If just two people tried to do the same thing, that would be two more people spreading good than before. It has definitely got possibilities for me.

Who You’d Be Today- Kenny Chesney
It says it all.


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