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What is studying? How do you study? More importantly, how do you know if you’re doing it right?

I think this was my problem throughout the two semesters, I was putting the amount of time I was supposed to in my classes, but what I did just wasn’t helping. And ironically, the classes I didn’t put the same amount of time into I got better grades. It was about the effort.

Do the work, read the notes, do the work, get the help, do the work again, take the instructors advice, memorize, sleep on it, do the work again. Will this get me those good grades I want and need? Will this give me some confidence?

We’ll see.

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I started my blog to pour my thoughts into something other than my notebooks. I started sharing my blog because I realized that I had the opportunity to touch others. The thoughts and opinions in this blog in no way reflect the thoughts and opinions of my University; however, they do reflect my experiences.

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